Air Springs Supply  offers tiny, yet robust pneumatic actuators that stand just 16mm high deflated but have a stroke of more than 12.5mm.  

The Firestone Airomatic polyactuators can exert forces of more than 45kN at just 3.5 bar, yet last for millions of cycles in demanding industrial environments.  

Originally designed for the conveyor industry, applications of Airomatic pneumatic actuators include transfer sections and roller brakes in addition to almost any industrial actuation application requiring very small pressure and stroke.  

The Firestone 70-P-13 Airomatic polyactuator is a very compact pneumatic actuator range – it is one of the latest as well as smallest members of the Firestone actuator and isolator family that includes Airstroke actuators and Airmount isolators in individual stroke capacities up to 40,000kg and measuring up to a metre across.  

The tiny Airomatic featuring a diameter of just 76mm is just as tough as its larger counterparts. Fabricated of moulded plastic elements welded together in a sealed unit, it is easily customisable to meet specific sizes and shapes for a wide variety of materials handling and processing applications.  

“Firestone developed the Airomatic polyactuators to satisfy the need for very small spaces and light forces,” said Air Springs Supply National Manager Mr Simon Agar.  

“These highly compact actuators have no pistons, rods or sliding seals, so friction, bending, scoring and wear are not a concern. Firestone engineered these actuators to be as robust and reliable as their larger air springs, which have been proven over decades in Australian industrial environments. They will last for literally millions of cycles without product failure or performance degradation.”  

Firestone Industrial Products (for which Air Springs is Australian national distributor) manufactures the world’s best-selling air spring range. Its Airstroke actuators and Airmount isolators are used in materials handling applications worldwide.