Air Springs Supply  offers isolators which are used for supporting and isolating external vibrations in equipment and thereby prevent equipment noise from disturbing the surroundings. There are two types of isolators available from Air Springs Supply; the Firestone Airmount isolators and the Firestone MarshMellow isolators. These isolators provide solutions for all kinds of industrial vibration problems.
The Firestone Airmount isolators from Air Springs Supply have a variable spring rate which enables them to perform with constant efficiency through a wide range of load capacities. These Airmount isolators have an auxiliary reservoir which enables providing low system frequencies. They also provide a high degree of isolation when compared to other vibration isolators. An advantage of an isolator is that it does not require large inertia mass. The inertia mass is used to reduce the amplitude of the vibration. The low natural frequencies provided by isolators reduce the need for such inertia mass. Isolators can accommodate a wide range of load capacity as well. 
The Firestone MarshMellow from Air Springs Supply are used as vibration isolators similar to Airmount isolators, except that the former does not require any air inflation. These MarshMellow isolators are passive isolators that have higher characteristics than the steel springs. An advantage of this isolator is the high load carrying capacity. 

MarshMellow isolator is cylindrical in shape and is very compact. These isolators last for a long time because of their fabric reinforced rubber and are effective in damp and corrosive environments. They are also effective in controlling the noise level caused due to vibration. The MarshMellow isolators require no maintenance and are cost effective.