Pronal elastomer and plastomer flexible tanks from Air Springs Supply are meeting the challenges of liquid storage and transportation in onshore, offshore, remote, inhospitable and emergency locations.

Fabricated by the same company that provided the lifting bags to raise parts of the Titanic 4km down in the Atlantic, the new Pronal tanks are relied upon by industrial, civil and military organisations around the world, including mining and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing and materials handling, and construction and infrastructure sectors. Available in capacities up to 1000m³ in several product ranges for air, sea and ground storage as well as transportation of various liquids, these flexible tanks can be used for water, hydrocarbons, foodstuffs and agricultural and industrial products and waste.

Air Springs Supply National Sales and Marketing Manager Mr James Maslin explains that Pronal flexible tanks have a versatile application range, with their use extending from buffer water tanks for civil and military potabilisation systems, through to transportable emergency water containers or fuel tanks for electricity generators and plant machinery on construction, exploration and development sites.

A major design highlight of the Pronal flexible tanks is that the stored products are never in contact with air, allowing liquids such as paint, latex, fruit juice, emulsions and fuels to be safely stored. Pronal also supplies all complementary products used in fuel logistics, including pumps, guns and filtering systems.

The quality and durability of Pronal water tank technology make it suitable for potable water, storm water, grey water, fire protection, agriculture and viticulture, civil defence and public works, and sewage in remote locations.

Key features of Pronal flexible tanks include sizes up to 1000 cubic metres; manufactured from high resistance elastomer or plastomer-coated fabric, robustly assembled by vulcanising or welding; lightweight, foldable and strong; compact when folded and easy to transport; rapid deployment; no microbial, bacterial or fungicidal development; no contact between air and contents; resistance to UV and ozone exposure; flexible surface adaptable to the shape of complex surface areas with evenly distributed load; low-cost solution with no civil engineering required; transportable on trucks, boats and aircraft, suspended beneath helicopters or towed behind a vehicle; and anti-crash and self-sealing versions available for use as structured tanks and ferry fuel tanks for aircraft.

Pronal flexible tanks complement Air Springs Supply’s established ranges of Pronal pipeline stoppers used by major Australasian companies concerned about spills of potentially hazardous or harmful liquids, as well as pipeline stoppers used for maintenance, testing and emergency tasks involving worker safety and environmental protection. The Pronal range also includes tough, compact lifting cushions.