Air Springs Supply  is known for supplying air spring actuators, isolators and suspension components. Air Springs Supply also offers pneumatic technology for transport and industrial sectors. Air Springs Supply caters to a variety of sectors such as defence, hospitality and health, manufacturing, architecture, building and construction to name a few.
The air springs from Air Springs Supply are heavy duty bellows used for isolation and actuation purposes. These air springs are used in vehicle suspensions and industrial equipment. Air springs have fabric and rubber bellows which contains a column of compressed air. This column of compressed air provides force and support load between 40 to 40,000 kilograms. Air springs are made up of four layers which include an inner layer of calendered rubber, first ply and second ply of fabric reinforced rubber and finally the outer cover of calendered rubber.
Air springs have a variety of applications. They are used as actuators for producing force and allow for removing vibration, shock and harshness up to ninety percent in industrial equipment. Air springs can be used as an alternative for metal springs in vehicle suspensions as well. Air springs are very user and cargo friendly and are commonly used in lighter vehicles.