Air Springs Supply  offers Firestone Airstoke actuators as well. The Airstoke actuators from Air Springs Supply are cylinders that are used as a high force, short stroke pneumatic actuators. These actuators are suitable for leak free, flexible force and friction free applications. The Airstoke actuators do not contain any components that are present in the traditional cylinders and are widely used as pneumatic actuators in the industrial market. These pneumatic actuators are durable and operate in abrasive and corrosive environments as well.
Airstoke actuators are cost effective and last for a long time. They are widely used in trucks and bus suspensions. Unlike the conventional cylinders, these actuators do not require any periodic maintenance and lubrication thus saving long term costs. Actuators are very flexible and can work with either liquid or gas and are available in a wide range of sizes.
Air Springs Supply offers AirGripper and AirPicker end effectors which are the new fabric and rubber inflatable grippers. These end effectors can handle multiple numbers of shapes in one model. The AirGripper costs less than the mechanical grippers and does not require any lubrication because of absence of moving parts and bearings.