The Aussie Green house fans from Air Exchange Asia Pty Ltd  offer an alternative solution to residential fans by reducing the entire building core temperature.
The perfect solution to cool residences naturally, the Aussie Green house fans improve indoor air quality while venting roof space. Hot, stale air is replaced by cool fresh air from outside providing a healthier, more comfortable living environment.
House fans are mounted in ceilings to draw fresh air through open windows or doors and force the stale indoor air out of the roof space. In most cases no additional roof space venting is required.
These fans are capable of changing the air approximately 6 times an hour in a150 square metre home which makes them the perfect solution for all year round ventilation as well as an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution for summer time house cooling.
The Aussie Green whole house fans are extremely quiet and simple to install. Other advantages include:

  • Insulated damper
  • Energy Efficient (running cost approximately $0.01 per hour)
  • 73 watts full speed
  • Simple Installation
  • No Maintenance
  • 6.8 kilograms total weight
  • Australian standards certified
  • 1858 cubic meters of air per hour