Air Connection  specialises in designing and installing compressed air products within compressed air industry. The products offered by Air Connection include air compressors, air receivers, filtration, accessories, air pipe and fittings, water separators and air dryers.

Air Connection offers wide range of air compressors and it is ideal various applications. Right type of compressor is supplied by Air Connection for all types of requirements starting from 2 kW to 160 kW along with variable speed machines. Air compressors from Air Connection include rotary screws, piston and rotary vane and second hand compressors.

Mark manufactures rotary screw compressors, Air Connection distributes it, and it includes range of MSM mini series-2.2 to 5.5Kw, MSA series 5.5 to 15Kw and so on. MSM mini series is a small power machine and comes with big compressor components. It has a standard magneto thermal circuit breaker unit and protects both power line and the machine. This type of MSM mini rotary screw compressors is classified into various models such as tank-mounted model, base mount model and dry model.

Hydrovane range of rotary vane compressors is available from Air Connection. Rotary vane compressors from Air Connection are ideal for large sectors and it has known for its reliability and quality. Vertical Hydrovane compressors are constructed using new concept and supplies clean air from lubricated compressor. It has electronic control panel and automatic stop and start units.