Air Connection designs and installs compressed air products including air receivers and air treatment products.

Air receivers from Air Connection are added to the compressed air systems for exceeding the capacity of the compressor. Air receivers from Air Connection create stable pressure conditions and make the compressed air system to cool easily. The air receivers separate liquids and other particles and work on dampen compressor pulsation. Air Connection stocks wide range of air receivers with volumes ranging up to 1,000 litres to 10,000 litres. Receiver accessory kits are also available from Air Connection.

Air pipe and fittings from Air Connection is available in wide ranges. Air pipe and fitting products from Air Connection include PE100 polyethylene pipe system and anodised aluminium pipe systems. Air connection also has range of poly compression fittings and is ideal for various applications. This polyethylene pipe system is UV stabilised, corrosion and chemical resistance, thermal insulator and light in weight. This polyethylene pipe system from Air Connection is re-useable; it can be easily modified, and has long life expectancy and it is easy to install.

Transair range of anodised aluminium air pipes and fittings are offered by Air Connection. This Transair powder coated aluminium pipe is clean and light in weight and it is easy to work on it. Transair range of anodised aluminium air pipes are easy to install and the blue colour of the pipe help in quick identification of the compressed air pipe system.