Now available from Air-Iononics Australia , Vortex 2500 ionic air purifiers utilise negative ionisation cleaning techniques to purify the air in spaces measuring up to 75 square metres.

No moving parts, and no needles, ensures that no maintenance is required with these units, and unlike other ionisers, they have been specifically developed for safe use around sensitive electronics.

Vortex 2500 ionic air purifiers will not damage or interfere with:

  • calculators
  • portable telephones
  • radios
  • computers; and
  • other sensitive equipment.
A wide variety of air borne contaminants are precipitated by these air cleaners, which also reduce latent static electricity, and can help to minimise symptoms associated with ‘sick building syndrome’, that can arise when living and working in artificial sealed environments.

By electronically generating a powerful stream of negative ions, these air purifiers will begin to cleanse the air the moment they are plugged in.

A unique spiral emitter stimulates airflow by discharging over 70 trillion ions per second in a rapid, intermittently pulsing, spiral pattern, actively drawing pollutants in.

Airborne pollutants then fall to a collection pad or to the floor in between pulses.

The spiral motion adopted by Vortex 2500 air purifiers means that they do not rely on natural convection to deliver dirty air to the unit, reducing operating costs while ensuring maximum air purification.