Air Cleaners Australia offers a series of IQAir air cleaning units especially designed for use in dental surgeries and practices. The dental series includes the Dental Hg air purification unit.

The Dental Hg air cleaners have been specifically designed to remove common dental pollutants found during dental procedures, from the air such as:

  • drill aerosols,
  • abrasion powder, and
  • mercury vapours.
The Dental Hg is a mobile air cleaning system and is generally used in combination with the FlexVac mobile source-capture accessory, which is placed onto the patients chest in order to directly capture air pollutants before they can spread.

The mobile air cleaning units use a series of filters including a pre-filter and four cartridges that contain mercury vapour control media to remove particles from the air.

The air cleaners are available with a choice of neutral white and light grey colours and easily to integrate seamlessly into dental office design.