Providing maintenance free operation for up to three years, IQair Perfect 16 ducted air filtration systems from Air-Iononics Australia save users time and money.

Perfect 16 air filtration devices are rated MERV16, delivering the highest filtration efficiency for removing:

  • dust
  • dust mites
  • pollens
  • bacteria
  • pet allergens
  • mould spores
  • odours; and
  • other harmful contaminants.
With no filter change, no cleaning and no maintenance required for up to three years, these ducted central air filtration systems are 100% silent, and are installed to work with a central HVAC system.

A double V-shape design allows air to pass simultaneously through four low pressure drop filters, further maximising performance while reducing energy costs.

Perfect 16 air filtration devices are typically located next to air handling system in a maintenance room, attic, basement or garage, ensuring installation will not impact with the interior design of a building.