Agrifab  is known for providing covers for swimming pools and spas. Agrifab provides long lasting pool covers for all shapes and sizes. The various products offered include solar bubble blankets, tensioned mesh security covers and thermal blankets.
Agrifab offers the leaf debris cover which reduces the need for maintenance by preventing debris and leaves to enter the pool. The pool cover has a stainless steel locking system placed around the pool. This cover reduces the wind on the surface of the water, thus reducing the chlorine and water evaporation. High quality materials are used which give a life span of 15-20 years for the products. Leaf and debris covers are lightweight and easy to handle.
Agrifab also offers pool blankets which reduce costs for cleaning and maintenance, heating and water evaporation. Three types of pool blankets are offered namely bubble solar, thermal and roller blankets. The bubble solar blanket is a translucent material which allows solar energy to heat the pool water. These blankets are easy to operate and install. The thermal pool blankets provide insulation for gas or solar heated pools and these blankets reduce heat loss up to 75 percent.
Roller blankets from Agrifab are made from powder coated aluminium, chemical resistant plastics and stainless steel. These blankets can be operated by a single person itself.