Agrifab  offers agricultural and horticultural covers, sails, structures, pool covers. cricket pitch covers, underlays, tarpualien and membranes. Agrifab offers agricultural and horticultural covers and has been supplying these covers since 1973.

Agrifab offers a variety of roll materials by metre. Made to measure covers are also available from Agrifab. The covers can be used for hot houses, shade houses, flower and tunnel houses, shade protection canopies, hail and bird protection, quarrantine control, windbreak, weed and erosion control etc. Agrifab offers pool covers for covering swimming pools and spas. Pool covers are available in various size and shape. Agrifab offers quality and durable pool covers

In addition to providing horticultural covers, sails and structures, pool covers, cricket pitch covers, underlays, tarpualien and membranes, Agrifab also offers custom covers, sight screens, hopper, load covers and sand pit covers. Agrifab has over 33 years of experience in dealing with commercial shade cloth and waterproof materials.