Switchable privacy glass from Record Automated Doors is a reliable and durable electronic smart glass product.

Switchable privacy glass is suited for various applications including office boardrooms, restaurants, nightclubs, command centres, television studios, residential homes and hospitals.

The smart glass is used at The Alfred Hospital in the ICU Ward to offer better patient care. Each room in the Intensive Care Ward has AGP switchable privacy glass in the dividing walls with switches on both sides to easily control privacy. The privacy glass also enables hospital staff to monitor patients in adjacent rooms, allowing them to better manage patient care. From a hygiene point of view, Record Automated Doors switchable privacy glass is easier to clean and maintain, compared with blinds or other devices.

Record Automated Doors also supplied The Alfred Hospital with switchable privacy glass for the skylight lanterns, to control sun glare. The switchable privacy glass is wired into the ward’s main lighting control panel and hospital staff are able to easily switch between clear and frosted states depending on the time of day and position with the sun. This has enabled the building designers to achieve large levels of natural lighting into the ICU Ward, whilst still having control over this lighting.

A proven performer in Australia and overseas, this original electronic smart glass product has a zero failure rate and Record Automated Doors offers an unconditional 3 year warranty covering any manufacturers defects in the glass.