Structural glass assemblies are one of the most complex and intricate types of projects within the architectural industry.

As one of Australia’s industry experts, Record Automated Doors offers their services in designing, manufacturing and installing an array of specialised architectural glass assemblies.

Glass assemblies require immense planning, skill and experience in order be built properly and professionally. 

There are a number of ways to design and construct structural glass assemblies, which can be tailored to suit the aesthetic requirements of the building’s constraints and architectural design.

Record Automated Doors​ can create glass assemblies with designs including:

  • Suspended glazing braced by a single plane tensile cable system in either vertical, horizontal or both planes
  • Suspended glazing with cantilever or full height glass or metal fins
  • Suspended glazing braced by a composite tensile/steel portal support system
  • Suspended glazing braced by a vertical or horizontal catinary cable truss system

Record Automated Doors also offers services in specialised motorised structures, fusing materials from glass, aluminium and steel; and as well as operable glass lourves, motorised aluminium lourves and large operable roof systems.