Fineline-XT operable glass louvres from Record Automated Doors were chosen by the architect to form part of the feature façade for the new restaurant expansion at Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Record Automated Doors worked with Century Glass to supply and install Fineline-XT frameless glass louvres within a glazed enclosure. The louvre system allows staff to easily open the large glass louvres to let fresh air into the restaurant.

The operable glass louvres had to open inside the building to meet council requirements, with some banks opening up while others open down.

The clients design also required further customisation as the actuators needed to be mounted at the bottom of the mullions within a plinth. This meant that the actuator had to be mounted upside down with additional linkage mechanisms to drive the louvres open.

A second innovation was developed by Record Automated Doors for this project as there was restricted opening of the lower operable glass louvres in each louvre bank, which was also required to meet the clients strict safety standards. A special linkage design was developed so that when the upper louvres are fully opened, the lower louvres are only opened at 30 and 45 degrees, making sure that the operable glass louvres do not encroach on the restaurant’s usable space.

Record Automated Doors’ Fineline-XT operable glass louvres have already been used in a range of commercial applications including office buildings, universities, restaurants, public bars, and high-rise apartment building facades.

The louvre system is made up of aluminium RHS mullions, stainless steel louvre arms, and 12mm toughened glass.