Duotour revolving doors, imported to Australia and available from Record Automated Doors, are extremely flexible commercial entrance doors.

An existing commercial building in Sydney consulted with Record Automated Doors to assist them with meeting their requirements of having a much needed air lock to protect from winter winds. A revolving door was deemed necessary.

A Record Automated Doors Duotour revolving door 4800mm in diameter was chosen as the preferred option over the more conventional option of 3 and 4 wing revolving doors. The Duotour revolving door was selected due to its increased pedestrian traffic capabilities and the flexibility offered by the integrated automatic sliding doors.

The entry is located close to Central Station and the local university and can at times experience heavy pedestrian traffic. During these peak periods, the Record Automated Doors Duotour revolving door can easily be switched to the automatic sliding door mode to better accommodate the high, but brief, volumes of pedestrian traffic. The revolving door can then be converted back to a revolving door for normal use. The sliding door mode is also used as an after hours access door that is controlled by a card reader or from the reception desk.

Record Automated Doors Duotour revolving doors offer the unique luxury of changing the door depending on the situation. A revolving door and automatic sliding door can be chosen at the turn of a key, making Duotour revolving doors ideal for main entrance doors in commercial and institutional applications, particularly in shopping centres, hospitals, sporting clubs and airports.