Record Automated Doors, Australian agent for revolving door manufacturer Boon Edam, is pleased to announce the newest addition to their revolving door family, the Duotour-AT.

These revolving doors have the same functionality as the original Duotour-AS model without the showcases on either side of the rotating carousel.

These features give the Duotour-AT revolving door a more transparent appearance, as well as larger compartment spaces for a higher throughput of pedestrian traffic and those with large objects, trolleys, stretchers or wheelchairs.

The Record Automated Doors Duotour Series offers the best of both worlds; a sliding door for high capacity access and emergency egress, and a revolving door to provide an airlock during inclement weather conditions, and energy saving benefits.

Duotour revolving doors are available in diameters of 3600mm, 4200mm and 4800mm, and in varying heights from 2500mm. They can be finished in anodised or powdercoat aluminium and linished or mirror stainless steel.

Record Automated Doors manufactures its own range of revolving doors, including the popular Fullview Series, along with the Crystal and Diamond Series, revolving doors that feature frameless glass roofs for a truly transparent main entry revolving door.