The Diamond series of frameless glass revolving doors from Record Automated Doors have been designed to be self supporting. The glass roof is structurally glazed to the glass sidewalls, while still accommodating the dynamic loads of the rotating carousel.

The openings have stainless steel trims to protect the glass edges and house the infrared safety sensors. Push to slow buttons are mounted off stainless steel bollards.

Diamond frameless glass revolving doors are available in automatic and manual options, and can be custom built to size in 3 or 4 wing configurations.

The electrical motor drive on the automatic revolving door option can be contained in a pit in the concrete slab. Alternatively, if there is a suspended slab, the motor drive can be mounted to the underside for easy access when servicing.
Electric locking, remote operation and fault diagnostic indicators, are all standard features with Diamond frameless glass revolving doors. The toughened glass used in the revolving doors complies with glass in buildings standard AS1288, and the glass revolving doors are fitted with a range of infrared safety sensors ensure compliance with the automatic door standard AS5007.
Record Automated Doors has recently installed two 3600mm diameter Diamond Series revolving doors at the Sydney Water Building in Parramatta in the main entrance and the rear entrance.
To maximise the size of the doors within the small openings provided, they were fully offset within the building foyer, with glass fins and a glass soffit sealing the doors against the external glazing.

The Diamond Series of frameless glass revolving doors is Record Automated Doors’ newest revolving door and has proven to be popular with architects and building owners looking for a main entrance door that offers the practical and environmental benefits of an airlock entry, along with a striking frameless appearance to create a lasting first impression.