Sliding doors are the most common automatic entrance system in Australia as they offer an easy entrance to and egress from a building for several people at once. For an ideal sliding door solution Record Automated Doors offer a range of systems that stand out from the rest.

Record Automated Doors sliding doors are of a high quality and can be installed in even the most unique and complicated applications and with their skill and experience in glass facade engineering, no matter the size, materials, or emergency features required, Record Automated Doors can design, manufacture and install a sliding door entrance system to suit.

There are a variety of sliding door configurations and types available from Record Automated Doors, including slimline sliding, curved sliding, breakout sliding, telescopic sliding, tri-sliding, and custom sliding.

For a discreet sliding door, the best solution is the Record Automated Doors slimline sliding door with its 80mm operating unit. This automatic sliding door operator suits modern facades, fitting behind the narrow frame of a glazed facade and allowing the space created by the glass to remain uncluttered.

The Record Automated Doors curved sliding door is able to be built as a stand alone unit, or supported within a curved glass entrance, and provides a striking entrance to any building.

Ideal for use in buildings with very large traffic volumes, the Record Automated Doors breakout sliding door system is ideal for buildings with high traffic volumes such as airports, shopping centres, and sporting clubs. A standard sliding door system in normal operation, breakout sliding door systems feature sidelights that are able to be pushed open to provide a wider opening in emergency situations when a bulky items needs to come through.

Record Automated Doors telescopic sliding doors are ideal in situations where a large opening is desired. Featuring four movable door leaves, these sliding doors can open up to 30% wider than regular ones. Featuring a frameless design, telescopic sliding doors offer the option of either opening from the centre with four moving door leaves, or from the side with two sliding leaves.

Record Automated Doors automatic tri-sliding and tri-parting doors are ideal for special locations where heavy traffic flows require a very wide opening in a restricted space.

If none of these options provide the right sliding door solution, Record Automated Doors are able to work with architects and builders to design unique customised automatic entrance systems.