Record Automatic Doors is a leading manufacturer of automatic door systems. Since being founded in 1953, the driving force behind Record has been a desire to continuously strive to fulfil customer needs and requirements. The company has built a strong reputation for producing elegant, reliable and low noise automatic operators of high quality.

The Record Automated Doors system 20 is a modern, multi-purpose generation of sliding door operator, and thanks to its modular construction, enables attractive entrance solutions to be designed and installed with a high degree of freedom and flexibility.

Available in single, bi-parting and telescopic sliding designs, the Record systems 20 operator features a hardened track that has been lined with a specially designed rubber profile, along with four heavy duty nylon roller for silent and flawless operation for many years. 

Record systems 20 sliding door operators feature a range of different sliding modes and are supplied with an electric lock to secure the door after hours, with a fully monitored battery back up system ensuring the doors will open in the event of a power failure or fire alarm activation.