Record Automated Doors designs and manufactures entrance systems using the security entrance technology. Revolving doors are designed, manufactured and installed by Record Automated Doors according to specifications to suit the application area and space availability.

A wide range of automatic sliding bi-folding and swing doors are produced and installed by Record Automated Doors as entrance solutions, which can meet any requirement. Record Automated Doors’ door technicians are capable of providing customer service after the installation is completed.

Revolving doors are produced by Record Automated Doors in different ranges including full view, Crystal, Duotour, Windlock and Cirkel-Line and budget series. The full view series of revolving doors produced by Record Automated Doors have complete glass construction between the floor and the roof. This design is aimed at facilitating unobstructed view into the building.

The Crystal series of revolving doors have glass roofs, which are aimed at creating a modern and spacious look to the entrance. The Windlock series is a classic revolving door. At the central axis, the Windlock series of doors have slimline stainless steel columns.

The Duotour series of automatic revolving doors can be quickly converted into a sliding door entrance. The Cirkel-Line series have central glass carousels, which can be used as showcases to display products or even set floral arrangements.

The budget series of revolving doors are operated manually and offer a clear vision of frameless glass construction.