In a retail lighting application at Macquarie Shopping Centre in NSW, Aglo Systems provided lighting design services and LED fittings to a leading Australian retail chain specialising in fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children.

Founded in 1991, Cotton On operates a global network of almost 1,200 stores in 12 countries. Till date, Aglo has provided lighting design services and fittings to five Cotton On Kids stores including the one at Macquarie Shopping Centre.

Lighting Design

For the lighting design in the baby clothing area, Cotton On Group sought a lower lux level due to the lower height of the plastered ceiling. Aglo specified Pivo-Midi downlights, which allow for greater angling flexibility with up to 45-degree tilting.

The design brief also sought spotlights that could be aimed towards the top shelves where mannequins and stock would be placed. Aglo’s lighting design team met this requirement by providing surface mounted track as an alternative to suspended track. This positioned the Venice Mini spotlights close to the ceiling to create direct light on the highest shelves in the store.

Additionally, Queens adjustable downlights were installed throughout the shop floor and entrance, achieving 1000lx for general floor space and 2000lx on the gondolas. Track mounted Wally wall washers were used in the shopfront window to evenly illuminate the large format posters displayed.

Coloured Shadow Effect

For the lighting in the kids’ ‘fun stuff’ play area located at the back of the Macquarie store, the client wanted a specific coloured shadow lighting effect. Aglo sourced various types of colour filters to suit the Times Maxi spotlight, tested the quality and effects of the filters, and trialled different spacing of the spotlights to create the desired lighting outcome. Three spotlights, each with red, blue or green filters were installed onto surface mounted track and angled towards the floor of the play area. A child stepping in front of the lights will be able to see their shadow in an interesting play of red, blue and green colours cast on the wall.

Vivid LED

All fittings provided for this store feature the new ‘Vivid LED’ chip in a colour temperature of 3000K. Compared with a standard LED chip, the Vivid LED chip can create beautifully saturated colours representing a full range of fine colour gradation. In a retail store application, it ensures that the colour of clothing merchandise appears the same inside the store and outside in daylight, especially for blues, greens and reds.

Aglo also supplied Sirius LED battens for the back of house area and the illuminated emergency signage.