Aglo Systems provided a complete lighting package for The Eminence, a 15-storey high rise multi-residential apartment development in Carlton, Melbourne. The development offers apartments in single, two and three bedroom configurations.

Though initially approached by the electrical contractor, Acton Electrical for a custom light fitting, the Aglo team suggested an alternative lighting package for the entire development, providing significant cost savings to the customer while supplying modern and elegant light fittings to complement the luxurious apartments.

Aglo assisted Acton Electrical throughout the entire alternative specification process, providing light fitting samples for approval, Dialux reports and lighting design recommendations for further cost reductions. A review of the lighting design by Aglo led to a lower wattage downlight being recommended for the apartments and corridors, which provided the required light levels with low power consumption.

Aglo sourced and supplied various high quality light fittings for installation throughout the residential and common areas, stairways and carpark. Aglo’s lighting package included a combination of 3000K recessed LED downlights and tubular, matte black, surface mounted downlights for general lighting; up/down wall lights produced specifically for the external balconies by Aglo’s Custom Manufacture and Design department; LED strip lighting used in the ceiling bulkheads of the living rooms for indirect ambient illumination as well as on the kitchen splashbacks for task lighting; LED inground and step lights provided for the rooftop terrace; and all illuminated emergency lighting and weatherproof/ vandal proof battens.

The Eminence project was completed within one year with Aglo meeting all the required deadlines. The delivery schedule of the light fittings was staggered by floor stage to suit the customer’s schedule.