LED light fittings were supplied by Aglo Systems for a major retail lighting design project at the new Mountain Designs store in Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, QLD.

The Aglo Project Lighting Solutions team worked with One Alliance retail designers to develop a lighting design to fit this outdoor clothing and travel gear brand.

Design highlights of the store’s interior included a warm light colour of 3000K selected for general lighting to suit and enhance the natural, warm wooden tones of the angled wooden walls; and Times tracklights with CRI of 90 surface mounted onto the angled wooden walls and suspended throughout the shop to evenly illuminate the various gondolas and wall shelving, and present the true colour of the merchandise.

The outdoor shopfront lighting design presented a challenge since the lights had to be mounted unusually high at 5.7m above the floor. To cover a wider floor area, asymmetrical angled fittings were required while a larger wattage was needed for the height. Aglo specially sourced 51W, IP44 (outdoor rated) recessed wall washers to suit this specification.

A false colour rendering was also drawn as part of the lighting design process to demonstrate the anticipated average lux levels of 2000 lux for the gondolas, 1200 lux for the wall bays and 500-800 lux for the floor.

The change rooms in the store featured pendant lights that were matched to a specification by the interior designer and sourced by Aglo specifically for this lighting design. Aglo also supplied Sirius battens for the back of house area and emergency signage.

“We developed a good partnership in working alongside Aglo for Mountain Designs. In preparing the lighting design they were able to take into account the shopping centre’s strict requirements and work within the client’s brief and budget. Part of the brief required highly innovative out of hours lighting for the front window display. Aglo were able to solve that design need and also sourced specific fittings for the unusual shopfront height with a great end result.”

- Simone Peterson, Senior Interior Designer – One Alliance Projects