Two types of light fittings from Aglo Systems were installed in the Australian Geographic store in Werribee VIC in a retail lighting application. Aglo has been designing and supplying the lighting for the 70+ Australian Geographic stores for over five years.

For the store at the Werribee Shopping Centre, the Aglo design team ensured all areas were brightly lit and the display tables illuminated optimally from different angles. Two types of fittings were selected for the lighting: Zenith adjustable downlights were used to highlight the wall bays while Polar adjustable downlights were placed throughout the retail middle section. The premium fittings deliver 4000K colour temperature and 1600+ lux levels directed at targeted display areas.

The Zenith fittings ensured the Australian Geographic sign behind the counter desk was beautifully lit without any glare issues. The light fittings were also colour matched to complement the hanging ceiling planet feature.