Aglo Systems supplied a mix of several LED light fittings for the 2XU sports store at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.

The sports store lighting application featured Frost spotlights mounted on a track around the perimeter of the store to illuminate the wall mounted shelving displays; and adjustable, recessed Pivo downlights around the retail floor to provide accent lighting on the mannequins, tables and racking units as well as to illuminate the decals in the shop window.

Additionally, the wide beam spread of Aglo’s recessed Fuji downlights provided an even illumination without any hotspots for the general floor space, POS counter and change rooms.

The lighting project at the 2XU store also included the Hubble shoplighter with its rectangular shaped beam angle providing even wall washing on the graphic display facing the exterior windows. For the back of house areas, Sirius surface mounted battens were used as simple task lighting.