Sunergy, from AGC Flat Glass is a hard, pyrolytic coating which involves applying a thin uniform coating of metal oxides to glass by the Chemical Vapour Deposition process. This pyrolytic coating glass provides both solar control and thermal insulation properties.

This pyrolytic coating glass product not only offers excellent selectivity, but also has very low reflection (7%) and low U-Value. Sunergy pyrolytic coating glass has both the performance of a soft-coated and the flexibility in processing of a hard-coated glass.

Thanks to its hard pyrolytic coating and superb performance, Sunergy allows glass professionals to meet any architectural challenge that come their way. Some of its features are:

• No special transport requirements

• No need for edge deletion

• High-quality scratch resistance

• Ease of stacking and storing

• Various processing options available

• Easy replacement

The full range of Sunergy glass is available in three colours: Sunergy Clear, Sunergy Green and Sunergy Azur. It has standard thickness of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm and comes in the sizes of 3210mm x 2250mm, 3210mm x 2550mm and 3210mm x 5100mm.