Logicwall wall panels from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd have excellent structural capacity. Their open, hollow core design means that they can be easily reinforced vertically and horizontally with steel achieving a high load bearing capacity. The walls can also be designed as deep beams that span between supporting columns.

Performance wise these wall panels exceed BCA fire rating requirements and stand alone walls also meet BCA requirements without any further treatment.

With regards to materials handling Logicwall can eliminate the need for cranage because the wall panels are hand placed. The shop drawn panels also eliminate waste and mess on the job site.

Construction speed is significantly increased using this product because it is lightweight, modular, shop drawn and comes with pre-formed corners. Panels are installed by hand in teams of three and 100m² of wall panel can be erected per team per day. They can also be installed the day after the concrete slab has been poured.

Finally AFS Products Group Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company which has attracted strong support from various blue chip Australian companies and has built a solid reputation in the prefab wall industry through quality products, service and reliability.