AFS LOGICWALL structural walling system is a quick, clean and simple construction method and has been installed in a number of different dwellings and building types, including townhouses.

Using the structural walling system in townhouses has a number of advantages over traditional townhouse construction methods.

With 150mm thickness as opposed to 270mm for a brick wall, the system is a real space saver that still delivers a high strength wall. Thinner walls provide more internal space and also reduce structuring weight.

Using the structural walling system can result in major savings due to a reduction of trades including blockwork, rendering and plasterboard.

Further savings can be made due to the walling systems optimum efficiency in materials handling and elimination of the need for a crane.

The shop-drawn modular system attracts minimal onsite wastage resulting in a cleaner, safer workplace.

With superior structural capacity, the AFS LOGICWALL structural walling system is a great alternative to building with brick.

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