AFS Products Group Pty Ltd  supplies permanent formwork structural walling systems that are particularly suited to the construction of numerous commercial and residential buildings including:


  • Hotels/motels
  • Multi-storey apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres, hospitals and prisons

AFS LOGICWALL structural walling systems were recently used for the external facade system, party walls and lift/stair walls of the Aspect Apartments project in Northbridge. The ease of transport and construction of AFS LOGICWALL structural walling system helped to reduce construction time and helped to reduce the overall project cost. A total of 2700m2 AFS LOGICWALL structural walling was used throughout the five story building.


Commenting on the structural walling system, the builder on the project said, “I have used the AFS wall system and found it to be the most efficient walling system there is on the market today. Even though my initial calculations show that bricks, mortar and paint are cheaper per square meter, the time it takes to turn over a floor including slab is 2.5 weeks on average, this in-turn saved money on my preliminaries, including but not limited to laborers, bins, scaffold, time for insurance cover etc. hence in the end, the walling systems worked out cheaper per square meter than your traditional bricks and mortar.

The engineer on the project said, “I have been using the AFS wall system for over 10 years now. The more the architects and builders become familiar with the product the better it gets utilised. I have found middle ground on many occasions with the AFS wall system in particular on medium rise buildings up to 6 storeys where the architects and builders do not want columns.

On our last couple of projects the builders found the product very easy to use. From an Engineers point of view the design principles are very easy and efficient.”