The Logicwall wall system from AFS Systems was installed for the external and internal walls of the Fiddler Hotel in Rouse Hill NSW.

A 4.5 star hotel located on the corner of Commercial and Windsor roads, The Fiddler offers 78 rooms and new function facilities. The client sought to source products that could meet their need for exceptional quality; having used AFS Logicwall in the past, they were confident about their choice for this project.

AFS Logicwall was used for external and internal wall applications throughout the build with the client relying on HD Projects (an AFS Certified Logicwall Installer) to complete the 2647-square-metre installation with precision and within the project timeline. The Logicwall application also included party and void walls, columns, blade and corridor walls, and lift and stair cores.

“The result was sensational and we handed over an exceptional, high-quality hotel to our clients Lewis Land Group,” said Eddie Abousleiman, Contracts Administrator, Growthbuilt.

Photography: Tom Ferguson