Walling systems from AFS Systems Pty Ltd (CSR) were once again installed by McNab Constructions during the execution of a project on School Road, Kelvin Grove, QLD.

Focussed on delivering high quality builds, McNab Constructions chose AFS LOGICWALL and AFS REDIWALL systems for the four-storeyed project. The builder explained that they chose the AFS LOGICWALL system due to its load bearing structural capacity as well as speed of installation. Additionally, the absence of clutter and mess ensured the site was kept clean.

Being a shop-drawn system, the LOGICWALL system dramatically reduced material handling and waste on site.

The speedy installation facilitated accelerated floor cycles, keeping the builder well ahead of project deadlines, and helping them hand over the completed project to the extremely satisfied client two months ahead of schedule.

Working across aged care, residential, retail and many other segments, McNab knows that AFS has the walling systems and support structure to ensure both budgets and deadlines are respected. Clients give McNab a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 – McNab says AFS will help keep it that way.

For the School Road project, AFS supplied 3,494m² of LOGICWALL and 724m² of REDIWALL walling systems. AFS REDIWALL 200mm was used in the car park areas; AFS LOGICWALL 150mm for external walls; AFS LOGICWALL 162mm for party walls; and AFS LOGICWALL 200mm for the lift and stairs.