Logicwall structural walling systems already offer structural and architectural benefits to many residential and commercial buildings throughout Australia. Logicwall walling systems are available from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd  throughout Australia & NZ.

Queensland now exhibits numerous beautiful projects that confirm the futuristic elements of design and construct that Logicwall structural walling systems provides for developers, builders, owners and occupants alike.

A builder who used structural walling systems from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd as above on their project explained, "AFS produced detailed shop drawings which were checked before manufacture. The AFS panels were then delivered to site prefabricated and every panel with a corresponding label to the shop drawing. This controlled process, combined with ultra-fast panel installation directly contributed to the speed of this project. We were able to achieve 8 day floor cycles." 

An engineer who used Logicwall structural walling systems on their project commented that application of the AFS structural wall system helped to create an efficient structure by using the internal walls as deep beams, resulting in fewer beams within the ground floor transfer slab. "The speed of construction was also improved to that of conventional blockwork resulting in the time between slab pours cut by approximately two days. The benefits of the AFS LOGICWALL system over conventional concrete formwork methods was key to the success of this project. We were impressed with the speed and ease of construction and the knowledgeable service from the AFS team."