AFS Products Group  supplies permanent formwork structural walling systems that are ideally suited to the construction of all types of commercial and residential buildings including: 

  • Multi-storey apartments 
  • Hotels/motels 
  • Office buildings 
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals; and
  • Prisons
An engineering company was recently engaged to provide structural design services for the Camargue Apartments in St Ives and the Sequoia Apartments in Sutherland NSW. They commented that the success of the project was in no small part to the commitment of the team at AFS Products Group, and that the support and assistance received during the design and construction ensured the quick and efficient construction of the walling system.

The engineered design and ingenuity that has gone into the AFS Logicwall panels displays the commitment by the AFS team to research and development. The production of shop drawings undertaken by the AFS team was found to be accurate and timely.

AFS Logicwall structural walling system was used due to its structural integrity, fire separation and acoustic properties, allowing significant reduction of concrete columns alleviating the problem of concealing concrete columns within the building’s interior.

The system is light weight and portable, enabling use in tight spaces and where access is a concern, making it an ideal choice for city and suburban projects such as the Camargue Apartments and Sequoia Apartments. Erecting the structural walling panels is a simple and efficient task with accurate shop drawings and fittings supplied by the AFS team. The panels were in place and ready for completion in a far shorter period of time than with any other formwork method and far more convenient than pre-cast concrete panels.

More information on this project and Logicwall structural walling systems is available from AFS Products Group.