The LOGICWALL walling system from AFS Systems Pty Ltd (CSR) helped the builder speed up construction at a new Bella Vista, NSW hotel project.

During the execution of the Quest Hotel project, Novati Constructions knew walling would be key to meeting quality, aesthetic and delivery objectives. Having done their research, they were keen to use the AFS LOGICWALL walling system across all 147 rooms of the hotel.

The use of the LOGICWALL system accelerated the floor-to-floor cycle, which was an important factor in the completion of the eight-level project on a 15-month design and construct contract. About 4079 square metres of LOGICWALL, comprising of 150mm external walls and 162mm party walls were used in the project.

After using AFS LOGICWALL walling system for the first time at the Bella Vista hotel project, Novati Constructions was impressed with the speed of installation and fast floor-to-floor cycles that ensured they kept within project deadlines.

Novati’s Project Manager Luigi Giordano is confident they will consider AFS walling systems for future projects.