Graystone is a successful builder with about 300 commercial projects to their name. Focussed on meeting project schedules and budgets, the builder chooses products very carefully. With Logicwall from AFS Systems, it involved working with a new product, supplier as well as construction method.

AFS Logicwall was preferred by Graystone over regular blockwork because the latter was too heavy and impacted the pace of work. The builder used the proven walling system from AFS Systems at the Quest Hotel project located in Eight Miles Plains QLD.

According to Clint Bellany, Project Manager at Graystone Constructions, AFS Logicwall meant lighter loads and less lifts. They chose the walling system for its speed of construction as well as the fact that they got a finished wall. The quick installation saved them considerable time on the build.

He noted that using Logicwall meant reduced lifts of block, sand and cement. With only three lifts per floor including the steel for Logicwall, they were able to manage the construction with mobile cranes. The unloading of waste was also exceptionally easy.

AFS Logicwall was used for the external walls, party walls, and the lift and stair cores at the 90-room, three-storey hotel project.

Impressed with both Logicwall and the AFS team’s support, Graystone is confident about working with AFS Systems again.