After 100+ years of building them, Woollam knows walls

University of Sydney, Lismore Campus NSW 2480

Few companies can claim a century, let alone 130 years, of delivering quality. Woollam Constructions’ committment to perfection has been (and remains) unwavering. This yardstick is also the one they used in selecting afs logicwall® as the walling system for their Lismore project.

Walling that’s load bearing and long wearing

The afs logicwall® was used as finished walls from the common areas through to hallways and bedrooms.The logicwall® system provided us with a superior program advantage and significantly reduced our ceiling partitions contract as we could simply set and paint the walls.

For Woollam Construction their client, University of Sydney, liked that the logicwall® system is a finished wall and is extremely hard wearing in this high traffic student accommodation, along with the significant reduction in maintenance requirements compared to conventional batten and sheeted walls.

afs logicwall® application for load bearing walls:

  • External walls
  • Internal party walls
  • Stair and lift cores

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