Kasparek Architects rely on the efficiencies of AFS walling systems for the timely delivery of their residential projects.

The architects recently specified two walling systems, AFS LOGICWALL and AFS REDIWALL for the Fitzroy Apartments project in Crace ACT. The three-storey construction comprised of 45 units and 12 townhouses.

Building their reputation on better walls, the award-winning architects chose LOGICWALL and REDIWALL to speed up the construction process and deliver a superior and reliable product. While AFS LOGICWALL was used for the party walls, external walls and lift and stair cores, AFS REDIWALL was specified for the basement walls.

Renowned for their residential and commercial work, Kasparek Architects automatically include AFS LOGICWALL and AFS REDIWALL when specifying for any new project.

Fred Kasparek of Kasparek Architects comments that they have designed and documented hundreds of units, in projects ranging from 24 to 200+ units, with every one of them featuring an AFS walling system. Observing that the wall systems are quick to put up and fast to finish, he added that they’re able to ensure faster construction and better quality outcomes in their projects.