Logicwall and Rediwall walling solutions from AFS Systems were extensively used at a multi-storey apartment development in Meadowbank NSW.

Genesis Shepherds Bay is an 8-storey residential development featuring 58 apartments. The developer, Sasco Developments chose AFS Logicwall and Rediwall walling systems for internal and external walls, saving time and getting the assurance of structural integrity for peace of mind.

Sasco Developments said, “This was our second consecutive multi-storey project using AFS Logicwall and Rediwall walling solutions. These systems allowed us to deliver a structurally solid concrete building in a timely manner.

“In this, our most recent project, comprising 58 apartments, we were able to install six apartments per week – including the concrete floor slabs in between. AFS is integral to us delivering reliable, efficient products to the market and will be our standard choice in future builds.”

The project featured 2,841 square metres of Rediwall and 2,503 square metres of Logicwall. While Logicwall was used for the internal and external walls, blade walls, columns and lift core, Rediwall was used for internal and external walls, corridor walls and stair core.