Two AFS walling systems, LOGICWALL and REDIWALL were specified by the developers of a new lifestyle apartment project in Wright ACT to help them complete the development quickly.

Observatory Living consists of 270 units in a 6-storey + basement configuration across seven buildings on a 2-hectare site with stunning views.

The builder, GEOCON specified AFS LOGICWALL and AFS REDIWALL for the project to help achieve significant efficiency gains. The entire project was completed in just 11 months and the builder was happy with the outcomes since there was no sacrifice in the quality of construction.

GEOCON’s Andrew Clark said they used AFS LOGICWALL and AFS REDIWALL for their Observatory Living project and will continue using these systems as they’re not crane-dependent and have superior material handling efficiencies. Additionally, the fast floor-installation cycles enabled by LOGICWALL meant the project could be delivered in the minimum amount of time.

AFS LOGICWALL was used for the party walls, external walls, lift and stair cores, and blade walls while AFS REDIWALL was specified for the basement walls.