Auralia in Nield Avenue, Greenwich, Sydney is currently being constructed using AFS Logicwall® and AFS Rediwall® from AFS Products Group .

This project, consisting of six large residential apartment blocks, is being constructed on an extremely steep site. Measuring 7570m², it is completely landlocked with a single road the only access to the site.

AFS Logicwall has performed very well on this challenging project, with the product renowned for its advantages in materials handling.

Up to 300m² of wall can be transported per truck load. Something which is highly efficient when compared to conventional construction methods.

Flat pack panels can easily be unloaded where there are crane limitations and restraints.

The builder of Auralia is pleased with the performance of the product, saying, “I found AFS to be a well-developed prefab wall system, well-suited to load bearing wall structures between six to 10 storeys. We would comfortably re-use AFS on future projects.”

If a project has restricted access or materials handling constraints, then AFS Logicwall has the answer.