Logicwall wall panels from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd are made by bonding hard wearing, reinforced fibre cement sheets to galvanised steel stud frames. These wall panels can be used for outside as well as inside walls.

The panels are erected on site by hand lifting them into place over the steel floor tracks and reinforcement starter bars. Any window and door openings are formed using sill and lintel panels which have been manufactured to the appropriate sizes.

The walls are then temporarily braced with purpose built adjustable braces at the panel joints. Using string lines and the adjustable braces the walls are next plumbed and straightened. The corner panels have had reinforcement bars pre installed in the factory at the time of production and this ensures that continuous overlap occurs.

Steel door frames are then installed and the panels are core filled with concrete. Panel openings are closed with the end cap system which consists of steel studs lined with fibre cement. The wall panels are finally finished with a joint setting, skim coat or paint can be applied directly onto the fibre cement sheeting.