Logicwall structural walls are available from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd . The walls are hand erected on site, braced and reinforced. Services are next placed in the walls and then they are core filled with concrete and finished with a joint setting, skim coat or paint is applied directly onto the fibre cement sheeting.

These structural walls have a reputation for being fast to construct and can deliver large structures in record time. Logicwall is a fully shop drawn system which means it can accommodate columns, beams, corners, raked walls, sills and lintels. Its modular design also results in a reduction of waste and mess on the job site.

Logicwall structural walls are not crane dependent. Therefore small teams of builders can work on multiple job fronts without having to wait for a crane to distribute the walling. The walls have high load bearing vertical elements which means that they can be used instead of reinforced concrete, the construction of which can be extremely tedious.

The structural walls have a fire rating which exceeds BCA requirements and stand alone walls meet BCA requirements for acoustics. They are also structurally performance compliant because they can achieve high load bearing capacities due to the fact that their hollow panels allow for vertical and horizontal reinforcement when needed.