The design of Logicwall structural walling systems from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd incorporates shop drawn lightweight panels that have been made by bonding hard wearing, reinforced fibre cement sheets to galvanised steel stud frames. These structural walling systems are suitable for interior and exterior walls and have many applications. These include:

When clean, straight lines are essential this is the ideal product to use as it provides concealed slab edges where concrete walls for balustrades are specified.

Basement walls

Logicwall structural walling systems have a hard wearing, impact resistant finish making them ideal for external water proofing membranes and heavily loaded sheer walls in basements.

Blade walls
This product enables the builder to continue internal load bearing walls to external blade walls. It provides an excellent substrate for render finishes.

Boundary walls
Logicwall is suited to difficult access for materials handling and finishing of walls. It also gives a clean finish even in a raw state.

Corridor walls
This product is BCA Fire and Acoustic Performance compliant as well as being hard wearing and impact resistant making it ideal to use in corridor walls.

Facade walls
These structural walling systems provide a flat, even surface for render finishes.

Internal party walls
Logicwall offers the security and quality of a solid concrete wall.

Lift shafts
This product can be installed in less time than it would take to build masonry or conventionally formed concrete for a lift shaft.

Retaining walls
Logicwall structural walling systems are a fast, clean and labour unintensive way of building a retaining wall. They can also retain large quantities of backfill.

Stair shafts
This product is ideal for installing stair reo-connecting bars into hollow panels before core-filling and is a fast method of constructing reinforced concrete stair shafts.