The AFS LOGICWALL wall system from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd delivered excellent efficiencies at a recent project in McEvoy St, Alexandria.

The unique characteristics of the AFS LOGICWALL wall system combined with the speed and cleanliness of construction helped create an ideal solution and successful outcome for the project.

The AFS walls were designed as deep beams on Level 1, which eliminated the majority of the in-slab transfer structure, and in turn resulted in greater efficiencies in floor slab formwork and increased floor to ceiling heights in the retail areas.

Additionally, the AFS wall system saved on footing construction as the walls were again utilised as deep beams on the ground floor to span between piles.

Key benefits delivered by AFS LOGICWALL wall system:

  • Maximised unit space due to the use of thinner, high performance party walls
  • Use of AFS LOGICWALL as deep beams and cantilever walls provided thinner beam-free transfer slabs
  • AFS 262 utilised as blade columns with concealed down pipes to complement the clean lines of the project
Vouching for the benefits of AFS LOGICWALL on their project, the engineer explained that they recommended the AFS wall system for the project as it offered superior load carrying capacity and efficiency in construction compared to conventional load bearing wall construction such as masonry brick work or block work.

According to the engineer, the use of AFS LOGICWALL at McEvoy Street, Alexandria project was his first experience with AFS and he has been extremely impressed with their professionalism.

AFS walls proved to be a suitable solution for this project, which also had access constraints for deliveries. The slender and high strength AFS wall panels provided additional apartment space, and the engineer was able to use AFS as cantilever and upturn beams.

Planning to use the AFS wall system on future projects, the builder said that AFS, being a shop drawn system worked extremely well, resulting in quick and reliable floor cycle time.