Lightweight wall panels from AFS Products Group  provided the perfect solution for a project on High Street, Northcote with very limited site access.

Situated on a busy arterial road limited by power lines and tram lines, the project site presented challenges in access. However, AFS LOGICWALL provided the ideal solution as the flat packed lightweight wall panels could be easily unloaded by a Manitou and erected by hand, eliminating the need for a tower crane onsite.

AFS LOGICWALL was utilised as a finished wall for the corridor and partition wall applications with the walls simply taped and set, then painted to produce a hard-wearing, low maintenance surface finish.

Vouching for the AFS LOGICWALL structural wall system, the builder said that AFS panels could be unloaded and quickly lifted into position, reinforced and concrete core filled on site, providing the structural integrity required to achieve the multi-level structure on the limited access site.

AFS panels have provided a flexible alternative for use as overall structural cladding or for the internal lateral bracing of multi-level structures, removing the site constraints previously experienced by the builder.