Award-winning builder L.U. Simon selected AFS LOGICWALL panels for a major apartment project in Clayton, Victoria, ensuring quality and cost efficiency.

Located at 1A Gardiner Road, Clayton VIC, the Campus project consists of apartments and townhouses. Known for their excellence, the builder sought materials that would match up to their high standards. By specifying the lightweight but load-bearing AFS wall panels instead of precast panels, L.U. Simon was able to simplify materials handling, reduce cranage and achieve significant cost savings in the project.

According to George Moschoyiannis, Senior Project Manager, L.U. Simon Builders, the substitution of the AFS LOGICWALL system in lieu of precast panels in select internal locations reduced the required capacity of the mobile cranes to achieve the reach from the available loading zones. It also reduced the number of crane lifts required per floor, resulting in lower cranage costs.

AFS LOGICWALL 120mm, 150mm and 162mm party walls were utilised in the Campus project.

Image: The Campus development featuring AFS LOGICWALL