The LOGICWALL permanent formwork walling system available from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd is engineered for speed of construction, making it a popular choice among builders and architects.

AFS LOGICWALL comprises of lightweight sandwich panels quickly hand-erected on site and then core-filled with concrete to achieve loadbearing walls that are fire- and sound-rated. This shop-drawn wall system dramatically reduces waste and trades onsite while increasing efficiency with materials handling and coordination.

The AFS LOGICWALL system eliminates the need for a crane for installation, depending instead on an installation team for fast floor cycles. AFS formwork walling system can be set up as fast as concrete column structures. However unlike concrete column structures, the partition walls, corridor walls, external façade walls and lift and stair shafts are all in place and ready for applied finishes directly onto the walls, completely removing the need for additional tradespeople to install lightweight infill walls and to batten and sheet unfinished substrates.

Client testimonials 

A builder in NT says that the product is not only less costly and lighter than its competitors, but is about 30% quicker to install.

An ACT-based architect vouches for the time-saving benefits of AFS LOGICWALL, saying that the product exceeded expectations.

A Queensland builder was able to achieve 8-day floor cycles thanks to the controlled process, combined with ultra-fast panel installation directly.