Lightweight LOGICWALL wall panels from AFS Products Group Pty Ltd were installed at a Sydney International Airport Hotel project to enable speedy completion of the structure.

In spite of challenges such as restricted site access, and tight construction programmes and budget, AFS LOGICWALL was able to fulfil all the requirements on time by offering optimum materials handling efficiencies through logistics, reduced crane capacities, hand install techniques and coordinated shop drawing and panel labelling onsite.

Minimal disruption during delivery stages was an important factor since the hotel was located opposite the international airport terminal. The use of AFS LOGICWALL enabled the speedy completion of the structure, with fast floor-to-floor cycles. AFS LOGICWALL wall panels can be installed on Day 1 after slab pour.

Designed as deep beams, AFS LOGICWALL was efficiently engineered in the design stage, eliminating the need for costly transfer beams.

According to the builder, the construction of the hotel at the Sydney International Airport was a successful project, especially in terms of construction speed and engineering efficiency.

AFS LOGICWALL was used very efficiently as load bearing partition walls between hotel rooms, while also serving as deep beams and cantilever walls on the first level to transfer loads from the 10-storey structure above into the column frame ground floor.

The lightweight wall panels were utilised to maximise materials handling efficiency, which was paramount on this project due to its proximity to the international airport terminal. The builder added that the average floor cycle time totalled eight days, with each level split into two slabs.

The builder was especially pleased with the structural performance of the AFS LOGICWALL system and the superior speed of installation.